Flowers for custom orders can be fresh, dried, or anywhere in between. 
When shipping your flowers to us, please do the following:
1) Carefully cut the blooms from stems.
2) Place your flowers in a single layer on a piece of paper, (paper towel, craft paper, tissue, a plain paper bag, etc, just avoid PLASTIC.)
3) Stack the layers and place them in a large mailing envelope, or cardboard box.
4) After flowers have been properly packaged, please ship them via USPS Priority Mail to:
Sweet Eloise Boutique
1527 Gause Blvd #180
Slidell, LA 70458
Helpful Tip: You can get USPS Priority Mail shipping envelopes FREE at your local post office.
Any unused floral petals will be returned to you with your order.
Processing time is 2-4 weeks. 
The color will vary, depending on the color and condition of the flowers. Each one is truly unique and beautiful!
Again, please do not place your flowers in any type of plastic bag or envelope, as this encourages mold growth and your flowers will be ruined.
Questions? We have answers! Send an email to