Your floral beads are unique and beautiful, and will last for generations with proper care and storage.

Keep your floral bead jewelry and rosaries in a cool dry place, inside an airtight bag, case, or box, along with the anti tarnish strip, included with your purchase, to preserve the life of the piece.

Keep in mind that floral beads are organic, and even though they are durable enough to withstand typical use, it is possible for them to become damaged, so please handle them with care.

Do not store your floral beads in humid environments and do not immerse them in liquid of any kind.

Avoid situations where your floral beads could be crushed or stepped on, as extreme pressure will most certainly cause fractures and/or breakage.

Never leave floral bead jewelry or rosaries in your car, or hang them from the rearview mirror, as prolonged exposure to sunlight and extreme temperatures will cause damage.

Wipe floral beads and metal components with the cleaning cloth provided after each use.

Remember, proper care and storage are essential to preserving the life and beauty of the piece. Clean the piece after each use and replace it in its storage bag, box, or container, each and every time.


Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Nina Shephard